Alma Mater

A continuous low humming hung over Chancellor’s Place. Quarter to eight. My stomach was making the raspy breathing sounds of a dying puppy. Having completed a massive two-and-a-half-hour Research Techniques seminar, I was hoping to celebrate my first ever UQ lecture with dinner for one. What I got instead was this little nugget: there wasn’t[…]

Summer Graduation

The Brisbane air was so thick I felt like I needed to chew every breath I took. The iconic jacarandas were in full bloom, their purple plumage like amethyst gems. The sky was the aquamarine, the grass malachite, and the trees were reflected in the lakes in every hue from peridot green to emerald. The[…]

The Great Homeric Feast and The President’s At Home

Being sculptors with an interest in the Classics, my husband Rob and I joined The Friends of Antiquity when it was established in 1988. Rob was one of the early Presidents. We offered the Sculpture Court at our home in Kenmore Hills as a venue for an event to raise funds towards the $100,000 capital for[…]

“You two are still here then?”

Some memories stick with me—remaining as fresh now as if events only happened yesterday. They change the way I think and feel about places. One of my intense, site-specific memories is connected with a very special event which took place in the heart of The University of Queensland (UQ). The artworks of eight inspiring Aboriginal artists[…]