11 October, 2016

Hannah’s Picks

When you have a project such as 50 stories, it’s funny how many people claim they have ‘nothing interesting to say’. When to us their stories are nothing short of wonderful.

I’ve always had a fondness for the themes ‘time’ and ‘sense of self’. After all, they’re themes we can all relate to. But there’s something bewitching about the following stories. Stories that are both familiar and unfamiliar. Stories that, for whatever bizarre reason, form a sort of ‘magic realism’ aspect to me. On conversely, seem as true as if I had written them myself, that it was my life on the page.

The following stories are full of tenacity, charisma, and nostalgia, and illustrate how student life has remained the same and altered in the past seventy-five years:

  1. A Time of Tomfoolery by Stephen Papas
  2. I Go Back to July 2013 by Shastra Deo
  3. The Impossible Dream: Theory and Θεωρία at The University of Queensland by Joan Lambrides
  4. The Reluctant Millennial, by Mark Howes
  5. Halcyon Days, by Peter Varghese

I hope your sentiments match mine when reading their stories,