4 May, 2018

Rachael’s Picks

University is a place where people of all ages, degree disciplines, and cultural backgrounds can connect in the fulfilment of dreams.

I am a new member of the University of Queensland family, as a Postgraduate Writing, Editing and Publishing student. Starting my first semester at UQ has been mostly about the priorities – finding where to buy good food and coffee; finding where the toilets are located; finding the public transport terminals; and not getting lost on the way to class.  For many new students, these priorities are the same.

However, the most important role a university can provide to its students is to become an “alma mater”. A place where students and alumni can connect. A place where passions and dreams can become a reality in the form of career goals.

I believe the following five stories share my ethos about UQ as a place to form connections, to grow professionally, and succeed:

  1. Alma Mater, by Apeksha Rao
  2. A Fount to Remember, by Ann Tran
  3. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride (C16 English proverb), by Juliet O’Brien
  4. A Lab Coat was my Dream, by Franchesca Velarde
  5. The University of Big Hearts, by Arahat Sundar Tuladhar

I hope you enjoy reading these stories.