5 June, 2017

Camille’s Picks

I decided to intern with 50 Stories because it combined two things I love, two things that I think shape and define my life daily: writing and The University of Queensland. From the moment I stepped onto the UQ St Lucia campus in 2009 for a grade 12 physics lecture on relativity, I was captivated.

It wasn’t the sandstone buildings (though I love them too), and it wasn’t the depth of knowledge contained within the university grounds (though that contributed). It was the campus buzz, the almost magical atmosphere between the lakes and the buildings, the birds and the students. It was the culture that seemed to welcome me with an embrace full of promise.

I started in 2010, and now that I am facing my second graduation I feel as if the university is now an intrinsic part of who I am. I am reluctant to leave these sandstone halls, the jacarandas, the stealthy naps in the Humanities and Social Sciences library, and even those fearless bin chickens (most commonly referred to as the ibis or spawn from hell).

Working with 50 Stories has given me an insight into what The University of Queensland is for other people, and that gives me a sense of community. The stories below are stories that struck a chord with me. The writing pulled me in, and the experiences spoke to my own experiences. They are things of beauty and art, raw in the way that only truth can be.

  1. “Fog” by Michelle Dicinoski
  2. “Running on Time” by Tom Dullemond
  3. “Strategies when Driven to Distraction” by Gabriel Perry
  4. “The Structure of Feeling” by Clare Murphy
  5. “Unrequited” by Taylor-Jayne Wilkshire
  6. “Waking Up” by Hayley Baxter

I hope you get as much enjoyment out of them as I did.