Looking Back, Looking Forward

“Nostalgia is an unreliable prism.  The lived life is rarely the replica of the remembered life.  But in my memory, those four years at UQ were halcyon days” (Varghese). In recent ‘interesting times’—as many coyly refer to the varying impacts of the current pandemic—I hear concerns about the impact on tertiary students. And suddenly it[…]

A Pandemic From The Sidelines: An Introvert’s Honest Opinion

In the words of my psychologist: we are living through history, Morgan. History. And I think she was expecting me to be closer to a breaking point when she asked me, ‘How’re you going with everything? It’s a very strange time to live through.’ I didn’t have much to say. Like most introverts, making memes[…]

Enjoy the Journey—It Takes You Where You Least Expect

When I walk to my classes at The University of Queensland (UQ), I can’t help but touch the rough texture and marvel at the beautiful pinks, lavenders and creams of the Helidon sandstone. It propels me back in time to when I was a child, obsessed with volcanoes and rocks—thanks to Leonard Nimoy, who starred[…]

Graduation Ceremonies: A Former Dean Remembers

For me the best part of being a Dean was dealing with individual students and their problems. It was not always easy. One student, a clergyman, whom I had refused to grant a special examination, told me I was crucifying him, which I thought was rather big-noting himself. Another, after graduating, developed pangs of conscience[…]

A Great Foundation For My Professional Life

I commenced a four year degree at the University of Queensland in 1962, having successfully obtained a Commonwealth Scholarship, which paid student fees and a means tested living away from home allowance. UQ commenced the physiotherapy degree program in the early 1950s in parallel with a three year Diploma course that commenced in 1938. Our[…]

College Life in the Sixties

I arrived at the Women’s College in 1962. Having lived with two quiet adults, I now had to adjust to slamming doors, loud radios, and heavy footsteps down corridors. Freshers settled in during Orientation Week, but when the older students returned, the Fresher System came into play. As the junior residents, freshers were expected to[…]

Hear I am

I do not remember anything specific about my many firsts at UQ St Lucia: the first time I visited the campus, library, computer rooms; the first class, assignment, exam I completed; the first lecturer, tutor or student I met… One ‘first’ I do recall is visiting a very small office; a room, hidden behind the[…]

Nescire autem quid antequam sis acciderit, id est semper esse puerum

Nescire autem quid antequam sis acciderit, id est semper esse puerum (To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child). Cicero My joy in learning is partly that it enables me to teach. Seneca My association with the Classics Department goes back a very long time—to 1955, when I[…]