16 October, 2016

Another era

Spin me a thread from the world’s beginning
down to my own lifetime, in one continuous poem.

Ovid, from The Metamorphoses

This collection of short memoirs arouses in the senses the memory of UQ through the twentieth century. They describe what it might have been like to be there in the early 1930s, as Australia recovered from the Great Depression. They give a glimpse of campus life during the heyday of free education in the 1970s. They allow us to laugh and sympathise with the guinea pig students of the 1990s, who trialled (and erred) during the introduction phase of the dual degree program.

So read on, and let these tales reveal to you the university in its less familiar or forgotten forms. No promises of poetry though.

1. Memories of UQ study, friendship and hockey (1934-36) by Marjorie Godfrey
2. Free education: Audiology to Art by Margaret Blaszczyk
3. Running on time by Tom Dullemond