21 March, 2016


Who can submit a story:

The 50 Stories project is open to all. Stories can be submitted by current students, alumni, or by members of the families of students or alumni, regardless of membership of The Alumni Friends of the University of Queensland. Of course, everyone is also welcome to join Alumni Friends and/or to make a donation to support the work of our volunteers (or directly to UQ).

Subject matter:

All stories must be non-fiction.

All stories should contain a strong link to UQ—which may include University campuses, study, research, philanthropy, etc.

Word count:

500–1000 words per submission.*

Submission requirements:

Each story must be submitted via this form.

Please include a title. Stories cannot be anonymous: please supply your name, location and degree and/or year of graduation (e.g.. John Smith, Bachelor of Arts 2000, Brisbane), however you may supply a short author bio if you wish.

Each story should also have a companion image relative to the story, either of the student or illustrating something key within the story itself. Images should be no more than 2MB in size. We also suggest each author identify 3–10 keywords (e.g. family, undergrad, study etc).

For those wishing to enter the student writing competition, please note we only accept one entry per person.


Once submitted, each story will be subject to the light hand of the editorial team before being posted on this site.


By submitting your story to the site, you acknowledge that you are not breaching any copyright, and give permission to Alumni Friends to post the story and picture on this website. You have the right to be identified as the author of the work. You understand that you must notify us via email if you know your story will be published anywhere else.

Please note: We ask that all submissions consider audience and remain tasteful. The decision to publish each story is finalised by the editorial team. Alumni Friends of The University of Queensland reserves the right to not publish material if it breaches submission guidelines.

*For those interested in writing a whole family history of connections with UQ, we will accept up to 3,000 words.