16 October, 2016


The stories of our accomplished UQ alumni, listed alphabetically by story:

  1. Alma Mater, by Apeksha Rao
  2. A Pandemic From The Sidelines: An Introvert’s Honest Opinion, by Morgan De Silva
  3. A Second-year’s Guide to Getting Lost on Campus, by Victoria Lawn
  4. A Time of Tomfoolery, by Stephen Papas
  5. College Life in the Sixties, by Svyetlana Hadgraft (nee Yakimoff)
  6. ‘Commem’ Memories, by Petra (Kip) Jones (nee Skoien)
  7. Early ‘90s Memories, by Andrew Claus
  8. The Eleanor Schonell Bridge, by Jenna Birbeck
  9. Enjoy the Journey—It Takes You Where You Least Expect, by Eva Turek-Jewkes
  10. The First Story, by Penelope Wensley
  11. Fizzers Made Me Do It, by Hannah Towers
  12. Fog, by Michelle Dicinoski
  13. A Fount to Remember, by Ann Tran
  14. From Architecture to Emerging Disease Control, by William Curnow
  15. From Country to Campus, by Patricia Anderson
  16. Graduation Ceremonies-A Former Dean Remembers, by Don Barrett
  17. A Great Foundation For My Professional Life, by Elaine Unkles
  18. The Great Homeric Feast and the President’s At Home, by Rhyl Hinwood
  19. Halcyon Days, by Peter Varghese
  20. Hear I am, by Jessica Sharp
  21. A Hundred Harvests, by Colin Power
  22. I Go Back to July 2013, by Shastra Deo
  23. If Wishes Were Horses, Beggars Would Ride, by Juliet O’Brien
  24. It Was a Very Stimulating Period, by Dan O’Neill
  25. The Impossible Dream: Theory and Θεωρία at The University of Queensland, by Joan Lambrides
  26. Kaleidoscope, by Samantha McPherson
  27. A Lab Coat Was My Dream, by Franchesca Velarde
  28. Life As a Student in the Second Half of the Forties, by Joan Cribb
  29. Memorable Student Days at St Lucia, by K. Patrick Mahoney
  30. Memories of UQ Study, Friendship and Hockey (1934-36), by Marjorie Godfrey
  31. Missing in Action, by Jessica Kennedy
  32. The Mission, by Matt Huxley
  33. Monsoon Swoon, by Cieon Hilton
  34. My Most Powerful Experience in Peru, by Dominic McCrea
  35. My Role in the Early Years of the Metallurgy Department, by June McNicol
  36. MySELF-ish Story, by Nantana Taptamat
  37. My Shangri-La, by Christine Dauber
  38. Nescire autem quid antequam sis acciderit, id est semper esse puerum, by Pamela Davenport
  39. Nostalgia Through the Pages of a Book, by Caitlin Storer
  40. Not an Ordinary Day At the Office, by Erin Pearl
  41. A Physicist and Businesswoman Meet at the Rubbish Bin, by Megan Ventura.
  42. A Platinum Memory, by Harry Thompson
  43. A Privileged Quest, by Kerri Kapernick
  44. Putting One Damn Foot in Front of the Other, by Lianna Heussler
  45. Recollections 1961-64: The Tranquil Years, by Ted Christie
  46. The Reluctant Millennia,l by Mark Howes
  47. Running on Time, by Tom Dullemond
  48. Serendipity at Work by Vincent Hart
  49. Sixty Years Teaching with The University of Queensland, by Sam Mellick
  50. Something Old and New, by Rachael Higgins
  51. Strategies When Driven to Distraction, by Gabriel Perry
  52. The Structure of Feeling, by Clare Murphy
  53. Summer Graduation, by Camille Caroline
  54. Surviving Campus Life, by Zach Hamblin-Frohman
  55. The University of Big Hearts, by Arahat Sundar Tuladhar
  56. University of Queensland and the National Service Vocational Training Scheme, by Terry Edwinsmith  
  57. Unrequited, by Taylor-Jayne Wilkshire
  58. UQ , My Saviour!, by Aneeta Karim
  59. Waking Up, by Hayley Baxter
  60. We’re Always in Danger of “Leaving People Behind,” by Fred d’Agostino
  61. You Two Are Still Here Then?,” by Catherine Lawrence

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And by author:

  1. Patricia Anderson
  2. Don Barrett
  3. Hayley Baxter
  4. Jenna Birbeck
  5. Camille Caroline
  6. Ted Christie
  7. Andrew Claus
  8. Joan Cribb
  9. William Curnow
  10. Fred d’Agostino
  11. Christine Dauber
  12. Pamela Davenport
  13. Shastra Deo
  14. Morgan De Silva
  15. Michelle Dicinoski
  16. Tom Dullemond
  17. Terry Edwinsmith
  18. Marjorie Godfrey
  19. Svyetlana Hadgraft (nee Yakimoff)
  20. Zach Hamblin-Frohman
  21. Vincent Hart
  22. Lianna Heussler
  23. Rachael Higgins
  24. Cieon Hilton
  25. Rhyl Hinwood
  26. Mark Howes
  27. Matt Huxley
  28. Petra (Kip) Jones (nee Skoien)
  29. Kerri Kapernick
  30. Aneeta Karim
  31. Jessica Kennedy
  32. Joan Lambrides
  33. Victoria Lawn
  34. Catherine Lawrence
  35. K. Patrick Mahoney
  36. Sam Mellick
  37. Dominic McCrea
  38. June McNicol
  39. Samantha McPherson
  40. Clare Murphy
  41. Juliet O’Brien
  42. Dan O’Neill
  43. Stephen Papas
  44. Erin Pearl
  45. Gabriel Perry
  46. Colin Power
  47. Apeksha Rao
  48. Jessica Sharp
  49. Caitlin Storer
  50. Nantana Taptamat
  51. Harry Thompson
  52. Hannah Towers
  53. Ann Tran
  54. Arahat Sundar Tuladhar
  55. Eva Turek-Jewkes
  56. Elaine Unkles
  57. Peter Varghese
  58. Franchesca Velarde
  59. Megan Ventura
  60. Penelope Wensley
  61. Taylor-Jayne Wilkshire