14 January, 2016

Alumni Friends



With effect from June 2020, The University of Queensland established a new UQ Giving Society, Alumni Friends. The new Society builds on the first fifty years of the Alumni Association, and will maintain the tradition of members celebrating and supporting UQ’s researchers, educators and ‘future alumni.’

The Fifty Stories project was established as a centrepiece of the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the then-Incorporated Association. The website remains almost unchanged from that time, although contact details have been updated following the closure of the Incorporated Association and launch of the UQ Giving Society. New Members of Alumni Friends continue to be very welcome!

Alumni Friends of The University of Queensland Inc (also known as Alumni Friends and as AFUQ)* dated back to 1967, when The University of Queensland (UQ) sponsored the formation of an association to foster relationships with UQ alumnae. The Association aims to connect engaged alumni and friends to support the endeavours of the ‘future alumni,’ educators and researchers of The University of Queensland (UQ).

Members of Alumni Friends focus on:

  • Connecting: Creating routes for alumni and friends to engage with UQ—through regular contact/communication (including social events, newsletters, and website), life-long learning activities (for example, through Three Score and Friends of Antiquity [FOA] lectures), and sharing memories (including through the 50 stories project);
  • Recognising and Celebrating UQ’s students, researchers and educators: Maintaining/developing a suite of prizes, scholarships & bursaries for UQ students, staff, & alumni;
  • Investing and Giving Back: Donating time and money to support the endeavours and explorations of UQ’s students, educators, and researchers;
  • Supporting: Focused on ensuring that world-class tertiary education is inclusive—supporting the best students in their aspiration to study at UQ; and
  • Advocacy: Promoting the benefits of world-class education and the value of supporting/enriching the cultural and social resources of UQ—demonstrating the benefits of a world-class education through philanthropy (donating time, money, and/or making gifts) and connection with fellow UQ alumni, students, researchers and educators.

Membership is open to everyone who has an interest in UQ: parents, students, alumni, and friends.  Operated by a large group of dedicated volunteers, the association continues to raise significant funds through the very popular bi-annual Alumni Book Fair, and through donations and gifts from members. The close association of our members with UQ cannot merely be measured in dollar terms, but activity to date includes the disbursement of the equivalent of over $10 million dollars to the University and to its students.

New members are always welcome! Membership is open to all members of the community who have an interest in the University (including, but not restricted to, alumnae). Members receive three annual newsletters, access to discounted UQ library membership, and the opportunity to participate in a range of social activities during the year. Many members also join some of our special interest groups, or become more actively involved as volunteers.

For more information about Alumni Friends of The University of Queensland—including information on joining us (as a volunteer and/or member), and also on our special interest groups, donations, prizes, scholarships, and applications for funding—visit our website.



* Name Change History: Alumni Friends of The University of Queensland Inc was formerly known as The Alumni Association of The University of Queensland Inc. The association was formed in 1967 by the (then) Vice-Chancellor, Sir Fred Schonell and was the first of the many Australian university alumni associations subsequently formed. On 17th May, 2008, the association held a Special General Meeting which voted to change the association’s name to Alumni Friends of The University of Queensland Inc. This was undertaken to avoid confusion between the newly-formed UQ Alumni network being developed by the University. This name-change was subsequently approved by the Queensland Government’s Office of Fair Trading on 7th July, 2008.