30 March, 2017

Golden Jubilee Events

Celebrating our ‘first fifty years’, 2017 included a program of events and activities which were designed to celebrate the different aspects of the relationship between Alumni Friends and The University of Queensland.

A selection of photographs from the event program are posted here, and the full program is also summarised below:

  • Senate Function (Alumni Court, 27 February 2017): “Recognising and celebrating the valuable contribution of Alumni Friends of the University of Queensland,” the University Senate hosted an afternoon tea in the St Lucia Campus Alumni Court. Following speeches by Peter Varghese AO (Chancellor, The University of Queensland) and by The Honourable Dr Penelope Wensley AC (Patron, Alumni Friends), a commemorative plaque was unveiled by Peter Varghese AO, The Honourable Dr Penelope Wensley AC, and by Professor Peter Høj (Vice-Chancellor and President, The University of Queensland). Invited guests included a number of Foundation Members and Past Presidents of Alumni Friends.
  • Philanthropists and Collections‘ UQ Art Museum Special Exhibition (on display from 11 March – 4 June 2017):
    • Special Preview (By invitation only: 11 March 2017, 2pm)
    • Official Opening (11 March 2017, 330pm)
    • Panel Discussion “In Conversation: Art and Philanthropy (Thursday 23 March 2017, 11am)
    • White Gloves Talk (By invitation only: 3 May 2017, 10:30am).
    • School of Music Concert: A one hour program, with performances by UQ’s School of Music Chamber Singers and a small number of instrumental accompanists (UQ Art Museum, 7th May, 2017, 11am).
    • #UQArtInspires prize (Golden Jubilee Bursary) presented by Mrs Margaret Blaszczyk on behalf of Alumni Friends and the UQ Alumni Book Fair team).
  • Alumni Friends UQ Alumni Book Fair Rare Book Auction (catalogue here), Official Opening by Professor Peter Høj (Vice-Chancellor and President, The University of Queensland) : Friday, 21 April 2017 (630 p.m, The Playhouse Women’s College Sir William MacGregor Drive, St Lucia).
  • Alumni Friends’ UQ Alumni Book Fair®: Saturday 22 April 2017 to Wednesday 26 April 2017 (UQ Centre, St Lucia campus).
  • School of Law Awards (10 May 2017): Presentation of Alumni Friends Golden Jubilee Bursary by Mr John Martin.
  • Alumni Friends’ 51st AGM (13th May 2017, 930am): Special Guest and Speaker Peter Varghese AO, Chancellor, The University of Queensland (introduced by Alumni Friends’ Patron, The Honourable Dr Penny Wensley AC). Meeting held at Women’s College Sir William MacGregor Drive, St Lucia.
  • Government House reception (18th May, 5pm) to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Alumni Friends of The University of Queensland, hosted by the Governor and Mrs Kaye de Jersey, where His Excellency addressed guests.
  • Alumni Friends Golden Jubilee Great Court Race (24 May 2017, 1pm – 2pm). Presentation of Alumni Friends Golden Jubilee Bursaries to the winners of the Male and Female student finals (awards presented by Mr Peter Jell and Mrs Joan Cribb on behalf of Alumni Friends and the UQ Alumni Book Fair team).
  • Fifty Stories SS&H Library Exhibition (Level One): Exhibition included display of artefacts and a special display of material from the 50 Stories project (June-August 2017).
  • Fifty Years of Friendship: Digital ‘exhibition’ available on the UQ Library Website from June 2017. Click here for more.
  • Fryer Library Exhibition of materials donated by Alumni Friends’ Bookhouse team (and/or purchased with funds donated by Alumni Friends), June and July 2017. The exhibition was officially opened with a Special Morning Tea and behind-the-scenes tour for Bookhouse volunteers and members (10th June 2017. RSVP was required, details here). Speeches by Dr Catherine Lawrence (President), Peter Hadgraft (with fascinating memories of Book Fairs and of book donations to Fryer), Bob Gerrity (UQ Librarian), and Simon Farley (Manager, Fryer Library).
  • Alumni Friends Golden Jubilee Gala Lunch, 15 July 2017: A celebratory lunch held at The Women’s College (St Lucia Campus), with our special guest, Dr David Malouf AO, ‘in conversation’ with Madonna King (Dr David Malouf AO was the 1992 Inaugural UQ Alumnus of the Year). Welcome by Dr Catherine Lawrence, and a copy of the Gala Lunch Program is available here.
  • School of Languages and Cultures recognition of Alumni Friends Golden Jubilee Bursary award (July 2017 presentation to Dominic McCrea. School of Languages and Cultures Celebratory morning tea attended by Mrs Svetlana Hadgraft, representing Alumni Friends and the Bookhouse team)
  • Betty Fletcher Presentation: A Special Friends of Antiquity Sunday Series Lecture Program Event (2pm, Sunday, 13 August 2017),  by Dr Janette McWilliam, Mr James Donaldson & Ms Jaime Cubit  “Betty Fletcher: Lover of Wisdom, Lover of Beauty, Lover of Humanity.” Launch of a mini exhibition in the Forgan Smith Building & overview of the online exhibition celebrating the role Betty Fletcher played as an alumna of the University, supporter of Classics and Ancient History and donor to the R.D. Milns Antiquities Museum, and an update on the Summer Scholar research into Recipients of the Betty Fletcher Memorial Travelling Scholarship (Scholarship established by Friends of Antiquity).
  • Betty Fletcher: Lover of Wisdom, Lover of Beauty, Lover of Humanity. The special online exhibition, launched in August 2017, is available here.
  • Marks-Hirschfeld Museum of Medical History Alumni Friends Event (22 August 2017, 9:30am): Morning tea in the Board Room, followed by small group conducted tours of the Museum and the heritage-listed building.
  • UQ 3MT® Final (13 September 2017, event by invitation only): Event included the presentation of 8 Alumni Friends Golden Jubilee Bursaries.
  • Alumni Friends Golden Jubilee Bursary-O’Brien Family Prize: School of Music competition (Sunday 1 October 2017) and prize-winner’s concert (Thursday 5 October 2017). Eligible students were those enrolled in the Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Music (Honours) or a dual program that included the Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Music (Honours). The prize was awarded for the most outstanding performance in wind and brass.
  • Courting the Greats: Event included the presentation of the UQ Graduate of the Year and UQ Alumnus of the Year awards (11 October 2017, 5:30pm for a 6:00pm start. Great Court, St Lucia Campus).
  • Alumni Friends Golden Jubilee Concert (School of Music): Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC), Sunday, 15 October 2017 (2pm).
  • 50 Years of Giving—R  D Milns Antiquities Museum Special Exhibition: Opening 27 October 2017 (530pm for 6pm, R D Milns Antiquities Museum)
  • 50 Years of Giving: R D Milns Antiquities Museum Special Exhibition (opened October 2017), available here or at the Museum.
  • Friends of Antiquity Talk, and Presentation of three Golden Jubilee Bursaries to students associated with the School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry : Sunday, 5 November 2017 (2pm, Room E302 Forgan Smith Building). Talk by Con O’Brien (The Lead-up to the Trojan War).
  • Alumni Friends’ 52nd AGM (19thMay 2017, 930am): Special Guest and Speaker Adjunct Professor John Story AO, former UQ Chancellor and 2017 UQ Alumnus of the Year. A copy of the speech, marking the closing of the Golden Jubilee celebrations, is available here.


  • Investing and Giving Back: Presentations of the fifty special Golden Jubilee $1,000 student bursaries (to current UQ students) to take place during 2017/18 (pictures from award presentations are posted here).