University of Queensland and the National Service Vocational Training Scheme

In November 1964, the Menzies Federal Government enacted legislation to compel all Australian 20-year-old males, born 1945, the Baby Boomers, to register for National Service for two years duration. This scheme operated until 1972, and for some of those called up, the University of Queensland provided a year of transition back into ‘civvy’ life, thanks[…]

A Second-year’s Guide to Getting Lost on Campus

With a campus as large at UQ St Lucia’s, it’s hardly a surprise when people get lost or can’t find a building. But as a student, by the time you’ve survived a full first year, you’re confident you’ve gotten pretty good at navigating the uni. But as always, you can rely on UQ to prove[…]

Something Old and New

Image: UQ Market Day by Rachael Higgins Enticed by the promise of Orientation Week freebies and activities, University of Queensland Market Day became a family affair. Never mind that my brothers and sister-in-law are all students at the Queensland University of Technology, with their own O-Week activities to attend. The reputation of UQ O-Week Market[…]