The Great Homeric Feast and The President’s At Home

Being sculptors with an interest in the Classics, my husband Rob and I joined The Friends of Antiquity when it was established in 1988. Rob was one of the early Presidents. We offered the Sculpture Court at our home in Kenmore Hills as a venue for an event to raise funds towards the $100,000 capital for[…]

‘Commem’ Memories

My mother, Agnes Skoien (nee Moore), was the oldest graduate of this university when she died in 1994. I never thought about going to Uni myself, but wasn’t surprised when she booked me into the Women’s College at Kangaroo Pt in 1950. THAT was an experience. I loved Mum’s stories about her time at Uni.[…]

The Reluctant Millennial

As the black sheep of my family, it was with tremendous excitement that I bucked the trend of QIT/QUT enrolment and was accepted into a dual Bachelors of Science and Business at the University of Queensland’s St Lucia campus in 2000. The late 90s and early 2000s was a period of intriguing redefinition for UQ[…]