Running on Time

Ah, timetables. Such a simple concept, such a noble achievement of modern society. Surely any university-approved combination of subjects should fit neatly into the weekly grid of half-hour slots? Ah, of course they would. But … how does said grid dovetail into the bountiful sprawl of The University of Queensland St Lucia campus? Or …[…]

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride (C16 English Proverb)

  Please note: The opinions expressed in each of the stories shared by individuals on this website are those of the individual author. For many years my long held desire was to attend The University of Queensland as a mature age student in order to complete my Bachelor of Education Degree.  Unfortunately, with a large family,[…]

My role in the early years of the UQ Mining and Metallurgy Department

I am probably unique in being the only woman in the world to have started up a department in Metallurgy. This is how it happened. I was born in England in 1926 and was lucky to attend a girls’ school where it was assumed that girls could and should do anything they wanted, so when[…]

The Impossible Dream – Theory and Θεωρία at University of Queensland

This is a story of two embers lit in the Western Hemisphere—two embers that flamed in Australia and spawned three generations of scholars at The University of Queensland. Every day, five members of one household centre their lives on the campus at St Lucia—doctoral, post graduate and undergraduate. It is 2016. The metaphor of education[…]