About: Fifty (years of) Stories

Alumni Friends' Golden Jubilee: 50 years of Celebrating, Supporting, and Encouraging UQ’s ‘Future Alumni’
50 years of engagement, philanthropic support, memories & connection

Anyone can submit a story, personal history, or memory.

50 Stories is a program of collecting, recording and sharing stories and memories of fifty years of philanthropy and connection with The University of Queensland (UQ). Celebrating our first fifty years, alumni, current students, and members of the wider community are invited to use this website to share their memories and stories about personal connections with the University.

An Australian first, Alumni Friends of The University of Queensland Inc. was founded in 1967. The volunteer-run Association connects alumni, students, and members of the community in supporting the educators, researchers and students of The University of Queensland. Celebrating our first fifty years is a great opportunity for alumni, current students, and members of the wider community to share, and enjoy, memories of their connection with—and attachment to—the University.

  • Alumni Friends of UQ

    invite you to share your story here

  • Story length

    500-1000 words (plus a photograph to illustrate)

  • Genre

    Memoir, personal essay, short story, creative non-fiction

  • Anyone can submit a Story

    Not just members of UQ's Alumni Friends

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