14 January, 2016

50 Years of Stories

50 Stories is a project designed to collect, record and share stories and memories of fifty years of philanthropy and connection with UQ. This website gives you access to the stories shared by members of Alumni Friends, by UQ students, and by members of the wider community. If it inspires you to share your story, we’d love to hear from you (review the guidelines, and use the submit now link when you are ready to send us your story). 

The Alumni Friends of The University of Queensland Inc. was founded in 1967. The Association aims to connect alumni, students, and members of the community in supporting the educators, researchers and students of The University of Queensland (UQ). Celebrating our first fifty years is a great opportunity for alumni, current students, and members of the wider community to share and enjoy memories of connection with—and attachment to—the university. In 2017, our Golden Jubilee celebrations include a number of major events, a fund-raising program, and the 50 Stories project.

Anyone can submit a story or memory.

The project is managed by a small, volunteer editorial team. We are particularly grateful for the support of student volunteers and interns, and the guidance of UQ’s School of Communications and Arts scholars. Have a look at this website—and review our submission guidelines before submitting your own story.

If you are not quite sure where to start, this website includes a few tips for those considering sharing their story. These tips have been developed by many UQ students and volunteers who have shared their own stories to the 50 stories project. You may also find inspiration in Telling Tiny Stories: A Guide for Writing Real and Imaginary Lives, a book written by UQ alumna Dr Michelle Dicinoski. The Telling Tiny Stories website includes a number of writing exercises authors may find useful (and details as to where to purchase a copy of the book).